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When people say “culture is meant to be shared” I’m literally like ???? Because that has literally never been the purpose of any culture. Culture is about identity, community and family. It’s about tradition. It is not and has never been about “sharing”.

Say it!

They keep saying “shared” when they mean “made available for my consumption.”

and boom goes the dynamite


This is so much bullshit that I might need a shovel to get through it all.

If culture wasn’t designed to be shared (because, you know, people just happen to share their experiences and this can, say, change the way some people think about different aspects) then a lot of language wouldn’t exist, especially anything fallen from Greek, Latin, Gaelic. English as a language would not exist. At all.

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and all the other Romance languages would not exist. 

Anyone going to school right now, better stop that shit if you’re not Greek because the modern idea of Academia started in Greece.

If you’re not Italian, you can’t wear jeans since denim started in Italy.

Can’t enjoy Shakespeare anything if you’re not British.

Vodka? Not if you’re not Russian.

Cars and airplanes? American.

Culture fucking changes when people interact at all. Unfortunately, the most advancements happen in the world when there’s a lot of interaction happening. Which is why, historically speaking, the richest cities tend to be ones on heavily traveled areas, such as sea ports or major trading roads (the Silk Road) because there’s a very heavy flow of different peoples and this starts growth and development. 

However, there should also be a certain level of respect and pride in ones historical culture. As in, what is this sudden anger at someone being interested and invested in culture? I’m talking rude Halloween costumes, I’m talking someone who wants to learn Indian belly dance or to speak Japanese. Sharing leads to understanding and respect. 

Sadly enough, the fucking idea of ‘stealing culture’ has shifted away from things that are literally sacred to someone (almost always white) eating food. Wearing clothes. Watching television. And it’s not these ‘white people’ cheapening these cultures. It’s the people who start online hate campaigns against others because of it. 

They’re literally saying ‘my culture is so weak and so vulnerable that a white girl eating ramen is offensive.’



Olympian Overreactions, part 1

(I can only upload 10 photos, so the twins will be on the next post :P)

Here’s a list of the people our Gods took it out on!

Hermes: Khelone

Ares: Kadmos

Athena: the Lokrians

Demeter: Hades

Dionysos: Lykourgos

Hera: Leto

Poseidon: the Trojans

Hephaistos: Hera

Zeus: Salmoneus

Aphodite: the Propoitides


I don’t need feminism, because the “you’re either a feminist or misogynist” mentality is hilariously similar to the dogmatic thinking, black and white mentality of histories biggest racists, idiots, tyrants, dictators, etc.

You’re either a feminist or a misogynist is no way for an equality movement for social change to operate.


Glee Season 6 Plan Revealed: Rachel Revives New Directions and More



Glee is saying “bye bye” to the Big Apple as it heads into its sixth and final season, with Rachel and the gang returning to the hallowed halls they once called home — after a six-month time jump, of course.

1. Rachel, following her “humiliating failure as a TV actress” will return to Lima and “reinstate and lead” the glee club.

2. Kurt will follow Miz Berry back home, helping to return New Directions to its former glory.

3. Sue will remain the show’s main antagonist, banishing all arts from McKinley High.

4. Blaine and Sam will also find themselves in Lima with Mr. Schue, and all three are said to have found “surprising new gigs.” (Rumor has it, Mr. Schue will lead Vocal Adrenaline, while Blaine will head up the Warblers.)

5. Series regulars include: Chris Colfer (Kurt), Darren Criss (Blaine), Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste), Jane Lynch (Sue), Kevin McHale (Artie), Lea Michele (Rachel), Matthew Morrison (Will), Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Amber Riley (Mercedes).

Your thoughts on Glee‘s farewell season? How are you hoping to see it all end?

Kurt “follows” Rachel back home…..

So its official, Kurt has no ambitions of his own, and has no problem giving up his dreams to serve someone’s agenda.


Not gonna lie…. I love love LOVE!!!! the fact that Rachel’s acting career is completely and totally fucked! And that it’s her own doing. Blacklisted from Broadway because she quit her show (and probably caused it to close early, costing the investors millions and the cast and crew their jobs), her tv show a complete flop and NYADA is closed to her because she burned her bridges there. I’ve been waiting for her to take a fall for a long time and to actually suffer some consequences for her actions and it’s finally happening!

As for Kurt, I totally see Rachel trying to guilt Kurt into staying with her in Lima rather than return to NY and all the opportunities and prospects that she threw away. And with Blaine and Karofsky possibly bonding…

Kurt, darling… I say this with love. It’s time to cut the dead wood loose. Get that cute little tush of yours back to NY and find yourself some friends who aren’t only interested in using you to make themselves feel better. And you have a flock of handsome guys at NYADA who would love to be with you. Time to grow up and move on already!

(Source: fyeahgleeclub)


When was the last time you cry in a film? Do boys cry watching films?



I’m thinking the True Blood series finale will go down as one of the worst ones on TV history, along with Dexter and How I Met Your StepMother finales.


I’m thinking the True Blood series finale will go down as one of the worst ones on TV history, along with Dexter and How I Met Your StepMother finales.


'American Horror Story': First Look at Freak Show Cast Art



'American Horror Story': First Look at Freak Show Cast Art



if only?? notre dame was real?????